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Silver Antimicrobial textiles eliminates 99.9% > of bacteria on soft surface fabrics within 4 hours.

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Antimicrobial mattress protectors and bedlinen reduces up to 94% of dust mite populations within 4 hours.

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The Global Leader In SILVER ANTIMICROBIAL Solutions

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Silverguard powered by X-Static. Infection prevention silver antimicrobial textiles. Offering the perfect antimicrobial solution to the healthcare sector. Silverguard textiles cover the full range of soft touch surfaces in the hospital environment. The range includes mattress protectors, bedlinen, privacy curtains, scrubs and surgical gown. HAI`s are eliminated within 4 hours of touch.
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Retail & Home

Protect your baby -
Pure Silver. Pure Protection.
Silverguard is delighted to introduce our association with Snuggletime Baby Products. Because of the amazing properties of silver this range of products will afford your precious baby perfect protection against harmful bacteria. The antimicrobial properties of silver ensures a bacteria free environment for your baby.
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Because of the anti- bacterial properties of silver, Silverguard powered by X-Static offers a perfect, cost effective solution to many of the hygiene problems the hospitality sector faces. Bed bugs and dust mite are eliminated. The properties of silver eliminates odour causing bacteria and fungi. The range includes mattress protectors and bed linen.
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Leisure & Sport

Silverguard powered by X-Static has introduced a range of socks that are not only perfect for diabetic sufferers, but also people with sensitive feet. The socks have been especially well received by the golfing community. A new range of sports socks in funky colours is available. The anti- odour properties of silver is of great interest to the athletic and sporting community.
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Soft surfaces are contaminated

Despite today's extensive efforts to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) continue to be one of the world's most pressing and expensive healthcare problems. Treatment of HAIs are very expensive and place a heavy weight on all parties involved in the healthcare sector. More important is the fact that HAIs needlessly takes the lives of thousands of people around the world each year.

While today's standards for preventing HAIs focus on patient screening, hand washing and sterilizing hard surfaces, soft surfaces remain unaddressed. And this missing step is perhaps the greatest challenge to reducing HAIs. X-STATIC® antimicrobial fabric is the solution. Soft surfaces made with X-STATIC® fibres are clinically proven in laboratory studies to reduce bacterial growth on textile surfaces by 99.9% within one hour. A global leader in antimicrobial fibre technology, X-STATIC® even inhibits the growth of multidrug-resistant strains of bacteria, including MRSA and VRE.*

Clinically proven to create healthier environments

Learn more about the cost of HAIs, and how soft surfaces made from X-STATIC® antimicrobial fibres help prevent them.

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The Global Leader In SILVER ANTIMICROBIAL Soltuions

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Silverguard leads the South African market by being the prestigious developer and manufacturer of high end antimicrobial soft touch materials.

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