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Silverguard leads the South African market by being the prestigious developer and manufacturer of high end antimicrobial soft touch materials. The marketing of these products is mainly aimed at the Healthcare industry where antimicrobial textiles are preferred. The uses are also extended to the hospitality-, retail and leisure markets, where the use of products with antimicrobial properties are recommended.

The global brandleader in Silver antimicrobial solutions

Healthcare  –  Government  –  Consumer  –  Industrial

The Issue

Infection Control Protocols today

• Focus today is hygiene (hand washing) and hard surface disinfection (counters, instruments, etc).

• Studies have shown only 50% of high risk objects are cleaned during terminal cleanings.

• Policy driven by facilities and compliance driven by enforcement and behavior.

Textile surfaces are ignored when it comes to infection prevention

• Problem Areas

Bed linen and other textile surfaces have been shown to harbour a wide variety of bacteria in several studies. Laundering/sterilization is the only disinfection protocol.

Privacy Curtains are rarely washed but are touched frequently.

Lab coats are not regularly laundered but are exposed to contaminates.

• Exposed scrubs/uniforms are often worn outside departments/facilities increasing chances of cross contamination.

The Solution



99.999% pure, natural silver. EPA/FDA approved products powered by X-STATIC° on the market today


99.9% reduction of pathogens on fabric in 1 hour.


Truly lasts the life of the product at >200 launderings


Mechanism of action is inherent in the fabric

Data on file at Noble Biomaterials


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Our Vision & Mission

Silverguard strives to be on the forefront of manufacturing and supply of ground breaking antimicrobial technology used in textile products on the African continent. Our Mission is to build long term relationships with our customers, clients and JV partners and to provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through our innovative and advanced proven technology. Our Core Values are demonstrated by:
Respect and faithful treatment of all our stakeholders.
Growth through creativity, invention and innovation.
integrity and business ethics in all aspects of our business role.
To offer high- techc solutions to the healthcare industry.

Silverguard South Africa takes the lead with the introduction of antimicrobial textiles used in a multitude of products across all industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure.

Silverguard Textiles (PTY) Ltd is a proudly South African company with the strategic intent to promote antimicrobial technology not only in South Africa but all industries and consumer markets throughout Africa.
Silverguard, powered by X-STATIC is a LICENSEE of Noble Biomaterials Inc. a global leader in bacterial management solutions originating from Delaware USA. Noble develops, manufactures, sells and markets advanced antimicrobial technologies designed to manage all forms of bacterial contamination.

As such, Silverguard uses the licensed technology and the licensed trademarks to manufacture & sell a variety of textile products and garments throughout Africa.

Silverguard has entered into joint ventures with CMT’s who, through a Co-operative business model, manufactures the various textile products and garments for and on behalf of Silverguard thereby promoting the spirit of empowerment.

Silverguard’s Goals include:

To market and sell antimicrobial textiles, garments and related products not only nationally but across all African borders to drastically reduce the shocking amount of HAI’s. prevalent in the healthcare sector
To develop a strong base of key customers.
To increase the assets of the company in mandate to support the development of further product and services and the more Co-operative business empowerment models.
To further build a good reputation with all the stakeholders in the textile & garment industry thereby becoming a key player in these industries.

Benefits of Silverguard powered by X-static Infection Prevention Silver Antimicrobial Textiles

  • Clinically-proven
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial
  • Fast acting – up to 4-log reduction within four hours
  • Long lasting – continuous performance for the life of the product
  • Safe – Not a chemical treatment, not nanotechnology, no bacterial resistance issues, non-toxic

Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, London
Prof. AB Lansdown quote

  • Silver has a long and intriguing history as an antibiotic in human care – it has been developed for use in water purification, wound care (used by Johnson & Johnson), bone prostheses, reconstructive orthopaedic surgery, cardiac devices, catheters and surgical appliances”.
  • Advancing biotechnology has enabled incorporation of ionisable silver into fabrics for clinical, domestic and industrial use to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections and for personal hygiene without changing the properties of the underlying material. The antimicrobial properties are inherent in the fabric and active for the life of the product.
  • Clinical Evidence

    CLINICAL STUDY: Privacy Curtains

    Field tests for verifying the anti-microbial efficacy of privacy curtains with See It SAFE fabrics containing X-STATIC “MRSA contamination was found in 63% fewer silver-impregnated curtains than in control curtains.”

    Dr. Tim Boswell, QMC Hospital, November 2008

    CLINICAL STUDY: Linens & Patient Pajamas

    Clinical trials on the use of X-STATIC fabrics to control MRSA
    “66.7% of patients in the silver fabric group eradicated MRSA while 0% eradicated MRSA in the control group. The use of See it SAFE with X-STATIC fabric is superior to current eradication protocols against heavily contaminated patients”

    Dr. P. Wilson, Lister Hospital, 2009

    CLINICAL STUDY: Nurses Uniforms

    Field tests to verify the anti-microbial efficacy of tunics used in hospitals with See It SAFE fabrics containing X-STATIC after 100 industrial launderings
    “The total germination number on the anti-bacterial “See it SAFE with X-STATIC” textiles was reduced by 72.2%. The total number of all nosocomial infection pathogens was reduced by an average of 93.6% within an hour.”

    Klaus-Dieter Zastrow, M.D., Physician in Environmental Medicine, July 2009


    Reducing bacterial bioburden in infected wounds with vacuum-assisted closure and a new silver dressing— A Pilot Study
    “By incorporating the new silver foam dressing into practice, the authors have been able to reduce bacterial bioburden in chronic and acute wounds, while allowing the wounds to progress to healing with a healthy granulating wound bed. ”

    Gabriel, et al. Wounds, October 2006


    Field tests for verifying the anti-microbial efficacy of privacy curtains with See It SAFE fabrics containing X-STATIC “MRSA contamination was found in 63% fewer silver-impregnated curtains than in control curtains.”

    Michael F. Moore, MD, FACS, CWS;1 Nanci Dobson, RN;1 Jeffrey T. Glattly, BBA2, 2006


    Impregnated silver tubular component in multilayer compression dressing clinical evaluation
    “Diffuse erythema of the lower extremity that is associated with lower extremity peripheral oedema and superficial ulceration is problematic in that multiple factors may be contributing to the clinical condition. The use of a silver impregnated tubular dressing proved beneficial in treating this condition.”

    Moore et al, Mercy Wound Care Center, 2006


    The use of clothing containing silver fibres in the treatment of patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa
    “The incorporation of silver fibres into clothing, may aid in the management of patients with chronic skin diseases such as Epidermolysis bullosa.”

    Moore et al, Penn North Centers for the Advanced Wound Care, 2006


    Therapeutic benefits of silver-thread compression stockings: A Case Study
    “After wearing the Juzo® silver compression garment made with X-STATIC, with the silver fibre for an additional seven weeks, removing the garment nightly, this patient had no recurrence in ulcers, skin tears, lymphedema, scaling or weeping in the legs.”

    Elliot N. Mostow, MD, MPH; Talisha E Cottingham, MSN, APRN-BC; 2008

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    Our partners

    Silverguard powered by X-Static®

    Silverguard Textiles (PTY) Ltd is a proudly South African company with the strategic intent to promote antimicrobial technology not only in South Africa but all industries and consumer markets throughout Africa.

    Contact Us

    Unit A2 Micro Industrial Park, 17-19 Hammer Avenue, Strydompark,
    Randburg, 2169

    National Call Center: + 27 087 550 4326

    Email Address: ppe@silverguard.co.za

    DISCLAIMER: No public health claims are permissible and the antimicrobial silver fibre is intended to protect the article itself. None of the materials or processes used in the manufacturing of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer. The manufacturer ensures the quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection. This product is not a replacement for normal precautionary hygienic measures such as handwashing, not touching ones face, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow and keeping a proper social distance from other people. Always ensure one’s hands must have been cleansed by practicing appropriate hand hygiene. Children should be supervised at all times when using a face mask, and they are not recommended for infants who may struggle to breathe with a mask or even choke if they put parts in their mouth.
    SilverGuard UK
    Web: www.silver-guard.co.uk
    Tel: +44 (0)207 538 2678
    Email: office@silver-guard.co.uk
    Breaking NEWS - Clinical studies show X-Static® technology’s ability to reduce coronavirus viability on fabrics. Find out more
    Call Center: +27 (0)87 550 4326
    Email: ppe@silverguard.co.za
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