There is good news for Southern Africans on the front of effective respiratory protection against coronavirus infection. Silverguard Textiles, a proudly South African provider of healthcare fabrics powered by X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology, recently received clinical confirmation on its non-woven fabric, metallised with silver, with the lab results revealing a reduction of the coronavirus six times faster than the unmetallised control fabric

As a licensee of Noble Biomaterials Inc., a global leader in bacterial management solutions based in America that invented the renowned X-STATIC® technology, Silverguard is proud to share third-party laboratory test results showing the technology’s ability to reduce coronavirus viability on fabric. The tests were commissioned by Noble Biomaterials and conducted by BioScience Laboratories Inc. against the human coronavirus OC43, a common, strong strain of coronavirus.

Tony Lundin, CEO and founder of Silverguard Textiles, said: “Our customers see the value in our antimicrobial products to help control healthcare-acquired infections. With the current crisis, a number of leading hospitals, clinics and institutions in Southern Africa and Australasia are using our full complement of antimicrobial products.”

The effectiveness of X-STATIC® in reducing pathogenic bacteria has already been proven locally and internationally for many years. However, the question came up on how effective it is in reducing viral infections in humans. “As a significant supplier to the healthcare and military sectors, we are very supportive to have a neutral third party test the fabric technology to ensure it would help reduce the viability of the virus – the lab results provide critical safety information for our clients, particularly in the healthcare industry, where cross infection prevention are constant concerns,” Lundin said.

Silver has long been used in various ways, and proven as beneficial, in human care. Incorporated into the very material from which Silverguard’s X-STATIC® products are made, it’s a non-chemical, non-toxic way of reducing infection pathogens found on soft surface fabrics within one to four hours.

Silverguard’s X-STATIC® reusable face masks provide a number of benefits over cloth face masks. These include:

  • inhibiting bacterial growth;
  • enhanced barrier protection around the nose;
  • the filters used are equivalent to those used in FFP masks
  • it’s permanent and safe;
  • it’s cost-effective due to the long lifespan of the product; and it’s
  • eco-friendly and does not require laundering (except when soiled)

The pure silver bonded into every fibre cannot wash out, therefore the mask won’t lose its antibacterial properties. It’s suitable for people who have to wear masks for long periods of time. Furthermore, it’s resistant to fluids and allows for moisture to evaporate instead of soaking into the material.

The masks are available nationwide through various distributors. They are available in different sizes, ranging from kids to various adult sizes.

“We at Silverguard Textiles continually strive towards innovative new products aimed at reducing bacterial and viral infections, not only confined to the healthcare sector, but also the greater public at large. Our next new product launch will introduce biomaterial buffs to be worn by all,” Lundin said.

For more information about the Silverguard product range and in particular the reusable masks and biomaterial buffs, contact:

The National Silverguard Call Centre:

+27 (0)87 550 4326

Breaking NEWS - Clinical studies show X-Static® technology’s ability to reduce coronavirus viability on fabrics. Find out more
Call Center: +27 (0)87 550 4326
Call Center: +27 (0)87 550 4326