Silverguard leads the South African market by being the prestigious developer and manufacturer of high end antimicrobial soft touch materials. The marketing of these products is mainly aimed at the Healthcare industry where antimicrobial textiles are preferred. The uses are also extended to the hospitality-, retail and leisure markets, where the use of products with antimicrobial properties are recommended.


Silverguard linen is a cotton rich percale. Comprising of 60% cotton/38% polyester/2% X-Static silver yarn. The silver yarn is woven into the textile in a very precise grid pattern giving optimum protection against bacteria. In addition to the antimicrobial properties of Silverguard linen dust mite and bed bugs cannot survive in the presence of silver.

Mattress Protectors

Silverguard mattress protectors are unique in that they not only offer the protection of silver but total protection against fluids, extending the life of the mattress. The one side of the protector has the Silverguard linen protecting the mattress against bacteria. The other side is laminated to withstand 24 meters of water pressure.

Surgical Gowns and drapes

“Clinical studies have proven that in the case of patients being heavily contaminated, 67% in the silver group eradicated MRSA, while 0% eradicated MRSA in the control group.”

• Antimicrobial
• Offers patient complete protection against bacteria
• Thermal Regulator
• Crease proof
• Available in white with any colour trim
• Custom made styles available on request

Privacy curtains

A number of studies are reported in which transfer via soft surface textiles was identified as the possible cause of an infection outbreak. These include outbreaks associated with bacterial, fungal and also viral strains.
In a clinical study published in 2012, privacy curtails were swabbed over a three week period. Contamination with MRSA, VRE or aerobic gram negative rods was determined.
Privacy curtains are frequently touched but seldom washed.
Silverguard powered by X-Static addresses the problem of contamination and cross contamination on privacy curtains.

• Antimicrobial
• Made to order
• With- or without breathable netting top panel
• Various textiles to choose from
• Special colours can be supplied based on quantity.

Scrubs, Utility & Workwear

Exposed scrubs and uniforms are often worn outside departments and facilities increasing chances of cross contamination. Once contaminated textiles can harbor pathogens for a long period of time.

• Antimicrobial
• Anti- odour
• Thermal regulator
• Available in standard colours and sizes
• Custom made styles are available
• Special colours available based on quantity

*Available in CLASSIC or X-STATIC antimicrobial fabric

Patient Gowns

Available in white but special colours can be manufactured, subject to quantity.

98% polyester/2% X- Static silver yarn.

These gowns offer complete protection against bacteria to the patient, while feeling luxurious.

Does your uniform and other soft touch surfaces in your workplace offer protection against the lingering bacteria you are exposed to on a daily basis? Our uniforms are made of Silverguard Infection Prevention Antimicrobial Silver Textiles. Sign up to receive a complimentary protective theatre cap with anti-fungal, anti-odour, antimicrobial and thermal regulating properties today! Pure Silver. Pure Protection.

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Silverguard powered by X-Static®

Silverguard Textiles (PTY) Ltd is a proudly South African company with the strategic intent to promote antimicrobial technology not only in South Africa but all industries and consumer markets throughout Africa.

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DISCLAIMER: No public health claims are permissible and the antimicrobial silver fibre is intended to protect the article itself. None of the materials or processes used in the manufacturing of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer. The manufacturer ensures the quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection. This product is not a replacement for normal precautionary hygienic measures such as handwashing, not touching ones face, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow and keeping a proper social distance from other people. Always ensure one’s hands must have been cleansed by practicing appropriate hand hygiene. Children should be supervised at all times when using a face mask, and they are not recommended for infants who may struggle to breathe with a mask or even choke if they put parts in their mouth.
Breaking NEWS - Clinical studies show X-Static® technology’s ability to reduce coronavirus viability on fabrics. Find out more
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